The Method Behind the Madness

Alright, so now that I’ve officially broken my “blogging seal” as I’d like to put it, I’ll go into explaining a bit as to why this masterpiece of a blog is named what it is:)                                                                              
                                                                                                    TAKE OFF TO ANYWHERE                   

So close your eyes and picture this. You’re all geared up and ready to go on this big trip that you’ve had planned for months. Your plane tickets are bought, your hotel reservations are made, and all that’s left is you arriving there in one piece and finding the biggest, coldest drink you can get your hands on…in my case, that would be a margarita, strawberry flavor preferred. You’re sitting on the plane and the captain announces for the flight attendants to prepare for takeoff. You have butterflies in your stomach and your nose, forehead, and practically entire face are pressed up against that tiny hole they call a window. Next thing you know, you’re being launched into the sky, your ears are popping, and all you can think about is how next time you’ll be touching land, you are going to be stepping of into a whole new world (cue Aladdin song here).

Ok, open your eyes now. That feeling of pure and raw excitement is what I’m trying to capture here, because I think that being in your twenties and discovering who you are and what your true passion in life is kind of similar to that feeling of taking off on an airplane. In this case, since I’m here on  this website trying to do my own sort of learning and especially because I have a feeling that this year of my life is going to take me in directions I never dreamed of, this is my version of “the airplane taking off” feeling. I’m not sure if I’m going north, south, west, east, or maybe just in one big circle, and I definitely don’t know where I’m going to land, but I am SO excited to simply be on the plane that will take me there.


So in case you didn’t already know, I’m fluent in Italian.

Ok, maybe that’s not entirely true, or actually not true at all. Anyways, “Dolce Vita” in Italian, means the sweet life. So when I was reflecting on my favorite Italian phrases, some (AKA many) of which I found online,I found this treasure, and immediately knew that this was my “writing motto”, if you will. But maybe it’s not just my writing motto, but also, in a way, my life motto. I mean, who wouldn’t want their life goal to be discovering the sweet life. And I don’t think you can ever really find it, but rather, it’s a quest that you’ll always be on.  It’s the actual quest and search of “the sweet life” that makes our lives, in the very sense of it, sweet.

There is no right way of finding or defining “dolce vita.” However you want to mold it, wherever it may take you, it’s yours.

So here’s to the good life, the sweet life, and the DOLCE VITA


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