Stick It To Your Gut

We’ve all heard that overused and tired expression of “listening to your gut,” and frankly, it’s advice that I’m quick to brush off. Sure, it’s not necessarily bad advice, but in today’s day and age, we need deeper words of wisdom than something as simple as listening to your gut. You know, “listening to your gut” is old news. In 2013, people just don’t do that anymore. If a decision comes your way that you’re stuck on, you need to evaluate all possible options. Will this help you in the future? Will this look good on a resume? Are you thinking of your overall well-being in making this decision? Maybe it’s not what you want right at this second, but is this something that could open up a hallway of doors for you?

Aren’t those all things you think, and things that other people tell you, about when coming to that fork in the road that we all love to hate? It’s easy for an outsider to look into your situation and evaluate the “strategic” thing to do, but what if you don’t care about the strategy side of it, but rather care about the satisfying and fulfilling aspect of it.

I feel like I was a victim of the “not listening to your gut feeling” syndrome. Recently, I made a pretty big decision about something in my life, and although this is not the place for me to discuss it in detail (I know, I know, the suspense of it is killing you), I can say that from the get-go, I didn’t think I was making the right decision for what I needed in my life right now. But I ignored that (with much reluctance), because I would be stupid, irresponsible, and foolish to not to jump at the chance of this opportunity.

So now here I am, a few months later, thinking of how crazy I am for NOT listening to my gut feeling. Not that I’m saying I made a mistake, because if we are being honest here, I just don’t make mistakes.

Sarcasm. Complete and total sarcasm. In reality though, I think 100% of what happens in my life, my sister’s life, my mom’s life, and heck, even your life, happens for a reason. In my mind, there is no such thing as “coincidence”; everything has a purpose, everything has a lesson. Learning from situations that you aren’t necessarily fond of always feels like an uphill battle, and there is no undermining the quote that sometimes we just have learn the hard way. Looking back, once you’ve gotten yourself out of that rut, you quickly realize that the lesson you learned is something you are always going to remember and carry with you.

That said, and considering I’m smack in the middle of the situation I somewhat unwillingly but yet completely willingly put myself in, there’s no getting around the fact that the feeling of not listening to your gut totally, flat out stinks. Obviously we all know everything in hindsight, and to say that I should’ve done this or shouldn’t have done that, it’s just a wild goose chase that I’ll be running in forever. But still, the last think I want to think about, and believe me when I say that I’ve pushed this thought out of my mind, is that this little “situation” I’ve found myself in is actually meant to happen and that I didn’t listen to my gut feeling for a reason.

Oh gosh, now I sound like my mother.


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