Today I Make A Vow

Theres a whole world out there

Today I will make a vow: I will NEVER SETTLE for a boring life.
-Post Secret, February 27th, 2013.

How many mornings have you woken up and thought to yourself, “Is this really it?” You work hard during the week, putting in longer than normal hours, only to come home to think about all the work you have cut out for you the next day. You live for the weekends, counting down the hours until that 5pm hour on Friday, even if it is only 10am on a Monday morning, and while your Monday through Friday week seems to go by slower than an 85-year-old driving, your weekends take on the depressing complete opposite effect. Before you can even say the words “Happy Hour”, it’s already Sunday night and you’re catching up on the TV shows you missed during the week (DUCK DYNASTY) and packing your lunch like a child gearing up for the first grade.

Those Sunday nights when I feel like I’m preparing for war (the work week), that’s when reality usually hits me square in the face. When did I become like this? When did I grow up to be a real, working adult? Just a few short months ago, my weekends started on Thursday nights, and even so, I still treated the week like it was one big social hour. Always off and about, always meeting up with friends, and always looking forward to fun, spontaneous plans on the weekends. Now, I’m lucky if I stay up until 10:30 during the week, 12am on the weekend, and if I meet up with friends just one night out of the week, I consider my social life a success.

The transition in between college and “real life” may be the most difficult, the most frustrating transition of them all. Sure, high school to college was a bit scary, but an hour after your parents dropped you off in the Chrystler Minivan and after you snapped out of the whole missing mom-and-dad-and-your-dog thing , you busted through the gates of college and into the land of fun, theme parties, and 2am food runs on a Tuesday night. Your life became 100 times more interesting, and every weekend was deemed “the best weekend ever.”

The upside to this, if it makes you feel any better, is that everyone goes through this. Sure, we all would LOVE to be the Van Wilder’s of our class, and you know, some of us have even tried this tactic (we are all thinking of THAT one person who we personally know) but…

1. You never want to be that person on campus that is clearly trying to relive their glory days and is making it known to everyone by bonging beers with frat boys and
2. You just have to grow up eventually

It’s not fun, it’s not easy, but it’s the reality that we all need to (sadly)(reluctantly) accept. Graduating from college was not something that I was necessarily upset about. It was a bittersweet kind of feeling, in the way that I knew that I was ending a remarkable and unforgettable chapter in my life, yet exchanging that chapter for something “bigger and better.” I want my days, weeks, and months to be as spontaneous and full of life as my college days, and while sometimes I feel that getting that feeling back is impossible because I am a “real working adult”, I know that someday, hopefully sooner than later, that feeling will come back alongside an adventure as big (if not bigger) than college was.

Today I vow to never settle for a boring life, and to live as if my next big adventure is just around the corner.

Who knows, maybe it is?

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