Stroll Through Hyde Park

photo (10)

    Sometimes it just feels good to write…to get it out of your mind and out of your head and most importantly out of your heart, and to put those thoughts into a physical form; something that can been seen and read. I’m sitting on a plane right now, conflicted and confused as to what it is I want out of this life. The easiest givens are usually the hardest decisions. How do you sort through all the clutter and get to the real essence and substance of what makes you, you?


2 thoughts on “Stroll Through Hyde Park

    • Yes, I totally agree, and that’s the exact effect I was going for; that “oldtime” and “timeless” kind of feel. Little does the picture show though, that this was only taken three months ago, back in January. Amazing what the features of a great camera can do:)

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