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Two words… Carrie Bradshaw. There is just no other way to describe how I’m feeling right now. I have really been trying so hard to keep away from that comparison, because first off, we all know there can only be ONE Carrie Bradshaw in this world (and only one BODY like Carrie’s in the world), and second off, I wanted to pave my own “blogging way”, but this time, I just couldn’t resist. Because here I am, currently laying in bed, pink cheetah print comforter and all, typing out this blog post, and all i keep thinking about are the only things from actually keeping me from being Ms. Bradshaw are a carton of cigarettes next to my bed, a six pack of abs that are totally nonexistent( does a six pack of summer shandy next to me count?), and whatever pair of $700 shoes I bought that morning. Don’t get me wrong though, because I am totally confident that the stories I have about my wild friends back in college, and the experiences I had in the dating world before I started dating my boyfriend would give Carrie some serious competition. But let’s put all of that aside; take away the designer clothing, toss out the penthouses and high rise apartments, and replace the New York City skyline with the Cleveland skyline, and boom, you have a person that is pretty darn close to that of Miss Bradshaw.

The truth is, once you’ve boiled the image of “Carrie Bradshaw” down to its bare basics, writing has become as important to me and as essential to me as it was to Carrie, or to anyone else for that matter. It’s my escape and salvation, the one thing I have total control over when everything else seems to be chaotic, unpredictable and just plain out messy. I used to write all the time, whether it was for school or for internships, and that had quickly slipped away from me. When you have a million other things going on in your life, the last thing you want to do is post something on your “online diary” per say, because you can just talk about whatever is going on in your life with the people around you.

But of course you can. Of course you can sit down and have a conversation with someone, of course you can text someone with whatever is on your mind, and of course you can pick up the phone and call any one of your friends, regardless of distance or place. Talking is easy simply because it’s natural. But it is in writing, in expressing your situation and detailing your thoughts with written and tangible words that makes writing remarkable. I am no artist, I am no musician (few people know that I am actually a professional instrument “quitter”, I have quit every instrument I started), and I am definitely no singer, but I can say that while I am no “official” writer, I am in love with the simple art of it.

So, here’s a question for you. Why do people like music? Why do people read books? For music, it understands us when we can’t understand ourselves, it listens to us when no one else is listening, and it helps us see when we think we have gone blind. For books, it provides us an escape from our crazy, hectic lives. It puts us in the shoes of other people, helps us see life through other’s eyes, and throws us into a world far, far away from the world that we know.

Combine the two. Mix and stir them together, and that, my friend, is what my goal in writing is. I am here to tell both my stories, and your stories. A good writer isn’t someone that can stretch out a story to 750 pages, and it’s certainly not someone that puts themselves above other people. Rather, a good writer is someone who brings themselves onto your level, someone who gets what you’re going through and is spelling it out the same way you are going over it in your mind. As a reader of this blog, my goal is to understand you. I want to tap into things you have never thought about, or maybe things that you are too afraid to admit, even to yourself. I want to push you farther, to help you live and understand every moment for what it is, and to show you that taking chances is what it is all about. If you are bored with your job or your routine, stop right now. Step back, and think about what it is that would make you the happiest, what would make you the best person you can be. What’s stopping you from taking that chance? What are you so afraid of?.

My writing has changed the way I look at life. It has broken down what it is that I want, and has shown me the kind of mark that I want to leave. Just like Carrie Bradshaw, writing has helped me break free of everything that was holding me back, and has only pushed me further to embrace the future.

“Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. Maybe, you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be.”
-Carrie Bradshaw

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