Ice Breaker

Enjoying dinner with my mom

Tapas Bar in London


Now that I’ve officially figured out how this whole blogging thing works, and let’s be honest, I’ve become mildly obsessed with it, I think it’s about time I do a little introduction of myself…mainly because right now I kind of feel like the voice behind the green curtain (think Wizard of Oz here). So, minus the booming voice, here’s a little bit about me, and what I’ve been doing in my life up until this point.

Let’s start…I was born at a very young age. Haha, just kidding, that is my dad’s joke and had to use it just to flatter him. Let me say it again, that is my dad’s joke, not a joke that I would ever use on my own. I swear my jokes are much better than that, but of course, I’m a little biased..

Let’s try again…

My name is Andrea and I’m currently living in the CLE (for those of you that aren’t up-to-date on your slang, that’s Cleveland, Ohio). I have lived here all my life, and although I moved to Columbus for four years while I was in school, I moved back home right after graduation, and am now living with my three favorite roommates (aka my parents and brother). I have no complaints about moving home after graduation…yes, you have to adjust your definition of what “sanitary” means, because the college definition and the “living at home with mom and dad” definition are a wee bit different. You might have that moment where you feel like you’re in high school again, and it’s totally and completely unacceptable to throw an “after party at your place” after a night out, but the tradeoff for all of that is homemade dinners (major winning), clean laundry (God bless it), and the lack of stale beer odor. Oh, and saving money. Money is always a plus, especially after four years of college broke-ness.

Anyways, getting back on track. So, I am a recent graduate of Ohio State University, otherwise known as the best damn school in the land, and I graduated with degrees in Strategic Communication and German, with a minor in Professional Writing. I absolutely LOVED school and all the friends I made there, although I just did not love Columbus the way I did Cleveland. There might be some truth behind that whole “home is where the heart is,” thing, but then again, I’m not one for clichés.

I have six main absolute loves of my life, and exempting my family, friends, and boyfriend from this list, here they are in order of obsession…

1. My cat. She is the cutest little animal to grace this earth. I’d like to think I haven’t become a “crazy, cat lady” yet, but friends are telling me otherwise. I’m in denial…

2. TRAVELING! If you didn’t know that this would be on the list, you seriously need to catch up on this blog

3. Coffee-This really should be on the list five times, just to emphasize my point

4. Frank’s Hot Sauce/Anything Spicy- It’s amazing that people can eat eggs without this stuff. Frank is my main man, end of story

5. I like NOT planning things. Spontaneous trips and random adventures are totally my thing

6. My drink of choice? A bloody mary, extra spicy, extra olives.

So, in a tiny, little peapod of a nutshell, that’s me.
I love life and even moreso, I love the people in it.

“A stirring warmth flowed from her, as if her heart was trying to come out to you concealed in one of those breathless, thrilling words.”
-F. Scott Fitzgerald


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