The Photos that Captured it All

So I wanted to lighten up the mood a little bit on here, considering I seem to have a habit of getting a little deep in my posts. Yes, I love talking about life and the meaning of it, but I want to keep things fun and interesting. So, below is my life through pictures…many pictures from my travels in high school, college, and everything in between. While I’ve experienced quite a bit already, I cannot wait to add to my collection of unique photographs and unforgettable stories. Welcome to my picture book. 



On my flight to London . Somewhere in the sky, USA


      My high school trip to Europe! South of Germany, Germany


In the mines in Salzburg. Salzburg, Austria


Private concert in Vienna. Vienna, Austria


Me and the Prague skyline. Prague, Czech Republic


Back when I got a bartending job. Dresden, Germany


The time I met Borat…Dresden, Germany


My friends and I in Prague. Prague, Czech Republic


The coolest hostel I’ve stayed at. Hamburg, Germany

My Home for the summer. Dresden, Germany


My amazing family enjoying some beers by the Rhein River. Cologne, Germany

European adventure! 165

Sambuca shots with the family. Cologne, Germany

European adventure! 140

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Dublin, Ireland


Before our pub crawl. Prague, Czech Republic



The friends I’ve made for a lifetime. Dresden, Germany


Eating escargot for the first time. Paris, France

Best Place to Eat

The best place to have dinner in Paris. Paris, France

Notre Dame

Hanging out by Notre Dame. Paris, France

photo (12)

Paris, France


What’s more French than drinking wine in front of the Eiffel Tower? Paris, France

View out Window

View out my window. Somewhere in the south of Germany


Hiking in Cinque Terra. Cinque Terra, Italy


First time at the Colosseum. Rome, Italy

European adventure! 558

Lobster Ravioli . Rome, Italy


Making new friends at our hostel. Munich, Germany


Airborne. Zurich, Switzerland


Exploring London with my mom. London, England


You must be a Snog to eat here. London, England


Red Phone Booth. London, England


Faith in Fate

“Like a river flows so surely to the sea, darling so it goes some things are meant to be”


I am a true believer in fate. I believe that our futures are written in the stars, and that there is some big grand, marvelous plan out there devised and molded for each and every one of us. Things are meant to happen for a reason. Why? Because there is a bigger purpose behind everything, and whether we know what that purpose is or not, there is always some kind of meaning dug deep under everything we do. In my mind, coincidence does not exist. Things don’t just happen “just because”, because if coincidence existed, if coincidence was real, that would imply that there is no deeper intention behind our actions. And there is always an intention, always a reasoning, behind everything we do, big or small, significant or minuscule, known or unknown. Sometimes we are scared of making the wrong decision, of going to down the wrong path of life, but in hindsight, when you look back on those moments of unknowing, you understand that those moments and doubts lead you to this very second; this moment in time that only happened because those things you went through and those feelings that you had happened for a reason.

I believe that the people we meet, the jobs we have, the friends we make, the places we travel to, they all have a purpose in the big scheme of things. Think of that one person that you have met that opened up doors you didn’t know existed. Think of the all the other people you met through that one friend, think of all the things you did and the things you experienced because of that friend. Were you introduced to a new passion in life that you hadn’t discovered until that moment? Maybe you did something you would never have done before because that person pushed you to do it and encouraged you in ways no one else ever had.

In my own life, and through my own friends, I rediscovered my passion for writing because I had a friend that had a blog and encouraged me to do it (hi Christina!); through a guy I knew that lived in Chicago, I discovered my love for the city known for their once a year green river; through a PR professional I met in college, I found what would eventually be my career path; and through my boyfriend and best friends, I experienced just how fun country concerts in the summer are. While I do talk to most of those people still, they, and many many more, have impacted my life in ways that are, in the truest sense, everlasting.

I talk about all of this, all of this “everything happens for a reason” mumbo jumbo, because I am experiencing something right now that I can only hope is meant to be. It’s not something I saw in my future, and it certainly doesn’t define me or what I want, but I can only wish that for right now, for this time being, I am right where I am supposed to be. I recently passed up something that others thought was my “meant to be”, but I knew in my heart that the timing just wasn’t right, that it really wasn’t what I wanted but rather just seemed like the best option at that time. It has been a roller coaster of a ride trying to figure out what it is exactly that I want, and for those that know me, they know just how indecisive a person I am, but pushing aside all of the unknowing in my life, there is one thing I know for certain. I have full faith in my fate.

I have no idea what my “dream job” would be, I have no clue as to where I want to live (problem: I have a tendency to fall in love with every city I go to) , and I can hardly figure out what being a “young professional” means. I change my mind about what I want to do with my life about 27 times a day, and I am constantly searching and looking for a sign that will just point me in the right direction.

But all of that really doesn’t matter. The worrying, the fretting, the anxiety over everything is just plain silly. And more than that, it’s exhausting. You can’t live your life creating these hypothetical scenarios of every different way your life might turn out (I am SO guilty of this). Do yourself a favor. Trust that right now, wherever you may be, that you only have GREAT things ahead of you. Everything leading up to this moment was made to happen, and everything building up to your future is already there…it’s just waiting for you to find it.

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Ready. Set. GO.

Now or Never

Now or Never

I’m hopelessly in love with traveling. It’s my baby, my one and only, my knight in shining armor. It is the helping hand when I feel down, and it is my light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not my escape from the world, but rather, it’s my grand entrance into the world. Whenever I feel like I’m living in a bubble, like this is it and my world is the only world that exists, the idea of traveling hits me smack on the head and brings me back to my senses. Traveling has been there for me during the best of times and the worst of times, and it always has me coming back for more. It’s a curse and blessing. It’s my drug, my kryptonite, and my desire all wrapped in one, and I am head over heels in love with it.

People have asked me what it is about traveling that I love so much. Is it the new, exotic food that you get to try first-hand when you are experiencing a different culture? Is it the people watching that is always ten times better when you are in a new area? Is it learning about the culture and traditions that have been practiced and performed for centuries? Is it a vacation from life back at home?

The answer to all of the above, is yes. Of course I love trying new foods and eating things I normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to try (EXCEPTION: mystery meat of any kind, I do not mess around with that). Yes, I love people watching and seeing how people of other cultures interact and dress (Europeans’ style is on a whole other level). And yes, I love learning and experiencing the traditions and habits that have transformed a culture into what it is today. But above the forkfuls of food, and beyond the music and dancing, traveling has opened up my eyes to worlds I never knew existed. We become so wrapped up and so consumed in our daily habits and routines that we have a tendency to forget that our world isn’t the only one out there. In fact, it only makes up a tinsey winsey percentage of all the different “worlds”.

When something unexpectedly happens, when something doesn’t go according to plan, our world immediately stops; it is at an utter standstill. It is nearly impossible for us to imagine life beyond the issue at hand, and in our minds, we think that since our lives have temporarily stopped, everyone elses’ has as well. It feels like the end of life as we know it, and the world will only start turning again when we have gotten ourselves out of that dark spot, when we realize that life hasn’t actually stopped, but instead just taken a small detour.

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t feel like the world has stopped when something in our lives comes up. Our lives are, of course, the center of our worlds. All we know are our own day to day routines and habits, and one small “hiccup” affects every different aspect of our lives.

And that is why I love traveling. It has shown me that my life isn’t the only life out there, and that something I consider a “big problem” in my life, really doesn’t even compare to problems and issues that millions of people around the world are facing. Traveling has helped put a perspective on my own life, while showing me how other people live; what is normal in their lives and in their routines. Traveling pushes you to think outside the box, and it helps you see far beyond the world you thought was the only world that existed. It puts you in someone else’s shoes, behind someone else’s eyes, and into someone else’s head.

There is no limit to the places I will to travel to. Brazil, Japan, Israel, Spain, Mexico, Alaska, Jerusalem , Singapore, Australia, you name it, I’ll be there. And it’s not if I’ll go there, but rather, when. The world is my playground, and I’ve only just stepped out of the sandbox.

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”
-Robert Louis Stevenson

Looking for the Infinite…Part Two

Light up the Sky

Light up the Sky

“I’ve loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night”


It’s a Saturday night. A cool, cloudless Saturday night. The windows are rolled down, all the way rolled down, as if the car itself is asking the wind to come inside and play. The stars are out, doing their twinkling dance around and around the sky, making you feel both alive and free, as if you will never experience this kind of freedom again, and the infinite darkness behind the stars only radiates mystery and mystique. Music is playing on the car speakers, louder than it should be, and you are screaming along to the song lyrics with three of your greatest friends. You drive and drive, going in circles, retracing old paths and forgotten streets, remembering and reminiscing of all the good times, never the bad. And the sky is still shimmering and sparkling, and when you look out the window, up and out of the window, it’s almost like you are looking through a snow globe…expect you’re on the inside looking out. But you are happy….and you are free…and you feel infinite.

If you go back and think of all the times in your life when you felt true, untouched freedom, how many moments and memories would there be? Would you be able to say that you’ve lived your life freely, without any restraints or restrictions, that you’re opinion was the only one that mattered, and that you were doing what you wanted, not what your Mom or Dad or great Uncle Hank wanted you to do? Or are those moments few and far between, where maybe you’ve only experienced freedom in the middle of the night, when it’s just you and you alone, with no one to tell you what to do, where to go, what to think. Maybe your freedom is found on a beach somewhere, where the only noise you hear is of the waves crashing down, where the tide takes away your responsibilities, worries, and fears far from you, into the depths of the ocean, leaving you with the only thing that matters…freedom.

We all have had our moments where we have felt completely free from everything in our lives, where there was nothing in between us and the universe. In these rare moments, we feel invincible. We are the kings and the queens of our world, the makers and creators of our incredible story, the alpha and the omega of everything that surrounds us. And if someone or something tells us otherwise, we don’t flinch, because in those moments, we are unstoppable.

My freedom, my “letting go of everything” kind of moment, is when I am driving on a clear, starry night. How many people across the world are looking up into the same night sky at the same time I am? How many are looking at the moon and the stars, excited for the mere anticipation of the coming day? You feel so small, so minuscule compared to the grand size of the universe, but alongside feeling small, you also feel like you are apart of something bigger than yourself. You can’t explain it, you can’t put your finger on it, and you can hardly define the thought, but you know that you are not alone…that you will never be alone.

There, in that moment of freedom, of pure, raw freedom, you know that no matter what you have gone through and what life threw at you before this moment now, it doesn’t matter. Because in that moment, you swear, you are infinite.