The Photos that Captured it All

So I wanted to lighten up the mood a little bit on here, considering I seem to have a habit of getting a little deep in my posts. Yes, I love talking about life and the meaning of it, but I want to keep things fun and interesting. So, below is my life through pictures…many pictures from my travels in high school, college, and everything in between. While I’ve experienced quite a bit already, I cannot wait to add to my collection of unique photographs and unforgettable stories. Welcome to my picture book. 



On my flight to London . Somewhere in the sky, USA


      My high school trip to Europe! South of Germany, Germany


In the mines in Salzburg. Salzburg, Austria


Private concert in Vienna. Vienna, Austria


Me and the Prague skyline. Prague, Czech Republic


Back when I got a bartending job. Dresden, Germany


The time I met Borat…Dresden, Germany


My friends and I in Prague. Prague, Czech Republic


The coolest hostel I’ve stayed at. Hamburg, Germany

My Home for the summer. Dresden, Germany


My amazing family enjoying some beers by the Rhein River. Cologne, Germany

European adventure! 165

Sambuca shots with the family. Cologne, Germany

European adventure! 140

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Dublin, Ireland


Before our pub crawl. Prague, Czech Republic



The friends I’ve made for a lifetime. Dresden, Germany


Eating escargot for the first time. Paris, France

Best Place to Eat

The best place to have dinner in Paris. Paris, France

Notre Dame

Hanging out by Notre Dame. Paris, France

photo (12)

Paris, France


What’s more French than drinking wine in front of the Eiffel Tower? Paris, France

View out Window

View out my window. Somewhere in the south of Germany


Hiking in Cinque Terra. Cinque Terra, Italy


First time at the Colosseum. Rome, Italy

European adventure! 558

Lobster Ravioli . Rome, Italy


Making new friends at our hostel. Munich, Germany


Airborne. Zurich, Switzerland


Exploring London with my mom. London, England


You must be a Snog to eat here. London, England


Red Phone Booth. London, England


2 thoughts on “The Photos that Captured it All

    • Thank you! I’ve been wanting to do a little overview of all my travels for a while now, and I’m glad I finally did! It took me forever to go through and pick my favorite pictures but I thought these did a good job of capturing a lot of the cool stuff I’ve done.

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