Seven-Year-Old Dreamer

Through their eyes

So your seven-year-old self is just dying to be a famous actress. You want to live in the eye of the public, soaking up every spotlight and accepting Grammy awards like you have never known anything else. The glitz, and the glamour, and the glam, it’s in your blood, and you can feel that there is nothing you want more in life than for that gift of being famous. You wear your mom’s high heels, three sizes too big, prancing and strutting around the house like you are making your big debut on the red carpet, and you practice your acceptance speech, which always begins in a sophisticated and sultry voice that says “I want to thank the academy”, in a hairbrush that belongs to your older sister. People ask you what you want to be when you are older, and you without a doubt, without a moment’s hesitation, say “MOVIE STAR”. Your eyes twinkle, and your heart jumps, because you’re seven-years-old, and the world is at your fingertips. This is your destiny, and no one can stop you, not at all, not for one second, not even a little bit.

Don’t you remember that innocence of having the biggest, most extravagant dreams? One week you wanted to be a movie star, the next week…a doctor, the following week…an astronaut. And to you, it was the most normal thing in the world. You could change your mind a million times if you wanted, because you knew that you had the rest of your life to figure it out. And you had the same passion and the same assurance about each and every different fantasy you decided you would pursue, because everything was just so possible. The words “I can’t” originally were “I will”, and sometimes adults and grown-ups would laugh and shake their heads in awe of your naïve-ness, having long lost their true hopes and dreams in exchange for bills and responsibility. But I’ve seen it myself, where adults carry an element of sadness to them, because they never gave their dreams a chance. Because they exchanged a true, undeniable passion for something instead that was simply convenient and easy.

But the question I ask is why does that magic need to be lost as you grow older? Why do you lose your excitement and lose the idea that you can make your dreams come true? Many people that I’ve spoke to recently do not like their jobs, but yet they have accepted them and settled in them because they are making a decent income. Because it’s safe. Because nothing about what they are doing now is risky or unknown. Of course, making sure that you are making a good living is important to everyone, but why simply settle for something when you know that there is something more that you would like to pursue? That by no means that you need to quit your job this instant, pick up your belongings, and move to Hollywood (if being a movie star is still what you dream of), but why not keep that dream in the back of your mind, always moving a little bit forward in making your dream a reality? Maybe throw in an audition here and there, try emailing some producers, attempt putting yourself out there, just do whatever you can to make your dream as real as it can get. The only one who is going to make that happen is you, and you alone, and if you have the passion for something, why don’t you try and make it happen?

One of the things I’ve learned about myself recently is that I love hearing about people’s dreams and stories. I love listening to someone explain their dreams, their total and complete love for something. If there were no rules, no standards and expectations of how life should be lived and what should be expected, what would make you totally and completely happy in this exact moment? If you could snap your fingers and suddenly live the life you’ve always wanted, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Whatever that first thought is, that my dear friend, is where your heart wants to go. I asked someone that a few weeks ago, what would make them the absolute happiest, and he looked at me kind of surprised and said that no one had ever asked him that before. But then he began to tell me what it was that he wanted, and I realized in that exact moment that we all possess a passion for something that sometimes we put on the backburner, but when it’s brought back up to the surface, we feel like we are seven years old all over again; filled to the brim with hope and passion.

….And now you are not seven years old, but 37, and you look back and realize that you have done everything you wanted to do up until this point. You went to college, graduated from college with a degree that was ultimately the gateway to your dreams, and now you are living the life you’ve always wanted, wherever that might be. Maybe you have that family and that white-picket fence that you only ever wanted, maybe you have a dream job that you have worked so incredibly hard to get, maybe you have traveled the world and seen everything that you used to only read about in travel magazines. And the greatest part is you still have your whole life ahead of you. How amazing would that be? To know that since you get one life to life, you are living it just the way you want to live it.

Here’s a test for everyone….

Make your seven-year old self proud.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”-OSCAR WILDE


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