Letter to You


Dear Friend…old or new,

Hello! Thanks for dropping by. Before I begin, there is one rule and one rule only when reading through my website. You ready for it?

Rule #1 (and the only rule)-Have an OPEN mind. Realize that everything you do in your life should be because you want to do it. No one else but you. Once you have that down, the rest is all up to you…your future is unwritten. Make your dreams come true, and the rest will fall into place.

I am a dreamer, I am a daughter…a friend…a bestfriend…a sister…a coworker. But above all, I am a writer. I write for the pure love of it, with no other intention than to hope that my words and my thoughts will someday influence somebody to open their mind, heart and soul to its greatest potential.

After writing, my second love is traveling. I love the mystery and the mystique behind going somewhere new and different. I have been fortunate to have been given many opportunities to see the world, but although one might say I’ve seen a lot and traveled far, I feel like I have only just begun. Traveling, to me, is the purest drug. Once I’ve returned from somewhere, I am only thinking of where I can go next…before one adventure ends, another one has already begun, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I live for the thrill of life. I will never not push myself to better myself as a person, and I know that my dreams will become a reality someday. It’s not “if” I will change the world, but when, and I am convinced I can do that through the words I write.

Please reach out to me with any comments, ideas, thoughts, opinions, arguments, compliments, or disagreements…I embrace it all:)




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